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my90s's Journal

1 9 9 0 - 1 9 9 9 --> WE MISS IT.
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Freakinay, them there 90`s
were the bomb.

9 / 17 / 05
Community opened!
Creator: 010516

I don`t care if you were into that Pokémon fad,
if you were grossed out at American Gladiator,
if you were scared to death of Ghostwriter`s "Slime Monster",
if you were brave enough to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark?",
if you ever owned a Rugrat`s watch from Burger King,
or if you curently have a killer 90`s playlist.

If you lived in the nineties,
if you miss the nineties,
this is for you.

R I P;
Mr. Rodgers
Left Eye